A Delegation From Anadolu Agency (AA) visited IRAM

Anadolu Agency (AA) Language Services Chief Editor, Mehmet Öztürk, and International News Chief Editor, Faruk Tokat, visited our institution. During the visit, AA Director of the Persian Department, Hikmet Gök, was also present. The delegation was hosted by IRAM Director Prof. Ahmet Uysal. Mr. Ozturk said: “Although there have been many people who have made researches on Iran so far, IRAM will present a different point of view and I believe they will sign permanent works.” Mr. Tokat gave information about the agency's organization in the world. Mr. Gök discussed with Prof. Uysal about the two institutions’ cooperation. Informing the guests about the center, Prof. Ahmet Uysal expressed that their main aims are to carry out researches on Iran and contribute to the scientific and objective recognition of Iran. Prof. Uysal stated that they were following this country by studying the economy and social structure of Iran as well as domestic and foreign policies. Director of IRAM, Prof. Uysal, thanked the AA delegation for their visit.