A New Era in Turkish-Iranian Relations?

Hakkı Uygur President

The Turkish-Iranian relationship can be considered one of the most consistent and predictable sets of relations in the Middle East region.

Turkish-Iranian relations have been propelled by their own dynamics along certain lines of stability, particularly over the last century. Among important turning points in their relations were the regime changes in both countries in the 1920s, their common approaches to the Soviet threat in the Cold War era, and the 1979 Iranian revolution. The two nations gave different responses to the regional security crisis that began after September 11 and gained in intensity after the Arab Spring; in particular the Syrian crisis opened up the way for one of the most tense periods of bilateral relations experienced between the two countries. However, the Syrian crisis nearing an end and other arenas of crisis such as the Gulf and Jerusalem coming onto the agenda likely signifies a reduction in tensions in the relationship between Ankara and Tehran.

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What do the Explosions in Israel Mean?

Hakkı Uygur

Even if these attacks are accidental, as Israel claims, it will certainly put Tehran at ease, which has been distressed by the internal demands for retaliation.

What Does the China-Iran Agreement Mean?

Hakkı Uygur

As the technical details of the agreement have not been revealed, the issues such as the accuracy of the figures suggested by some sources and the degree of the military dimension of the cooperation remain uncertain.