China's West Asia Strategies and Belt and Road Initiative Proceedings Book

China, which aspires to be a global power, is trying to enhance its initiatives through Belt and Road Initiative (BIR) and consolidate its relations, especially in the field of economy, with Europe and the rest of the world through Asia. Although this project concerns many countries around the world, it has particular importance for Turkey and Iran because of their strategic location. China regards these two countries as important markets for its goods by at the same time considering them as critical corridors on the way to Europe. A scholarly examination of this situation is important for a due understanding of the global developments which are currently taking place, and which will foreseeably accelerate in the years to follow. İRAM’s symposium, which brought together experts from China, Turkey and Iran, provided a fruitful platform for handling various aspects of China’s relations with Turkey and Iran as well as of BRI. The published papers will hopefully contribute to understanding the global developments and their impacts in reshaping the balance of power in the Middle East.

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