Iran-Israel Shadow War Escalating Tensions

Hurşit Dingil 10.08.2022

As the Iran-Israel shadow war has escalated regional tensions, Israel is intensifying its operations inside Iran within the 'Octopus Doctrine'


Disagreements in Raisi’s Economic Team

Yasir Rashid 28.07.2022

The differences of opinion among members of Raisi's economic team can be considered as one of the reasons for the failure of the Raisi government in the economic sphere.


How is the Potential Operation in the Northern Syria Evaluated in Iran?

Umut Başar 25.07.2022

Iran’s harsh statements against Türkiye's potential operation in Syria are damaging the trust between the two countries rather than being a deterrent for Türkiye.


Iran-Russia Cooperation in Banking and Finance

Yasir Rashid 23.07.2022

Iran-Russia cooperation in banking and finance within the framework of Russian financial systems will provide an opportunity to bypass Western sanctions against the two countries.


Impact of the Tehran visit on Syria Operation

Hakkı Uygur 21.07.2022

Even though Tehran supports Türkiye’s fight against the terrorist organization PKK on the official level, it makes different engagements in practice.


Nuclear Talks in Doha

Emine Gözde Toprak 06.07.2022

The negotiations, which lasted for two days in Doha, were inconclusive. The parties blame each other for the failure in question.