India-Iran-Turkey Strategic Cooperation

Trilateral cooperation with Iran and India offers economic integration for Turkey and helps facilitate it to become one of the world’s top ten economies.

At the beginning of the 21st century, the global power structure has undergone a drastic change, particularly in the Middle East. At the global level, with the emergence of new economies, regional organizations, and different power centers, the US dominant uni-polar order is now undermined by the inception of a multi-polar order. This shift empowers other countries to strengthen their influence and position regionally and globally. Currently, economic growth and development have replaced military warfare, and, thereby, determine a country’s global policies and rank, and provide leverage to turn the tables in its favour. The world is witnessing the deterioration of the US’ most advanced defence technology and military forces in Afghanistan at the hands of a few hundred less trained and equipped Taliban guerrilla fighters. While on the other hand, with its growing economy, China is playing a progressively influential role by dominating world markets, which has played a major role in subverting US global hegemony.

Changing Regional Scenarios, Turkey, India, Iran, Trans-Continental Integration

Indian Response to the Re-Imposition of Sanctions on Iran

Mukhtar Ahmad Bhat

Indian interests at stake in Iran and the US are much higher now compared to previous times

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani's Visit to India

Mukhtar Ahmad Bhat

The centuries-old relations between India and Iran have witnessed several ups and downs throughout history due to domestic, regional and international factors.