IRAM Nonresident Fellowship Program

IRAM is pleased to announce a call for the Nonresident Fellowship Program for 2020-2021.

IRAM is pleased to announce a call for the Nonresident Fellowship Program for 2021. IRAM’s Nonresident Fellowship Program is a unique platform where researchers and experts are invited to contribute to IRAM’s research areas, Iranian studies, Iran’s foreign relations, cultural, historical, social, political, and economic issues of Iran, but not necessarily limited to Iran. The Non-Resident Fellows will submit research for their publication on IRAM’s website, contribute to IRAM’s seminars, and participate in IRAM’s research faculty meetings.

Who should apply

• Applicants of all nationalities between the ages of 25-45,

• Candidates from developing countries are especially encouraged,

• Graduate students (both Masters and Ph.D.) from the departments ofInternational Relations, Middle Eastern Studies, and/or Social Sciences with Iran as a primary research interest,

• Young researchers and academicians,

• Professionals and practitioners,

• The knowledge of Persian will be an advantage, but not a condition,

• Proficiency in written and spoken English with a proven record of publications of this situation,

• If the applicant is not a graduate student or an academician, the experience of working in a think tank or current affiliation with a think tank will be necessary.


Fellowships are available for a period of a minimum of six months renewable up to one year.

Fellowship to start from January 1, 2021.

Financial and Institutional Support

• A stipend up to 1000 USD,

• Institutional email,

• Candidates who complete their fellowship successfully may be provided a Conference Travel Grant to visit Ankara for fifteen days. However, due to the exceptional circumstances of COVID-19, this may not be provided this year.


• To submit at least two commentaries every month of 2000 words,

• A well-researched monograph on a subject approved by the IRAM research committee,

• Participation in IRAM’s events,

• Representing IRAM in important events,

• Interacting with media and resource persons as a part of the IRAM Faculty.


Applicants should submit the required documents to before December 1, 2020

• A cover letter outlining the candidate’s area of research focus and relevance,

• A CV,

• A research proposal of maximum 1000 words,

• A sample from latest publications,

• Non-objection certificate from the head of the department of the employer,

• A reference letter from your supervisor or someone who has been in a position to give an evaluation of your research works.

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