Iran and the Reconstruction of Syria

Mohammad Abdulmajid Editor/Senior Expert

The Islamic Republic of Iran, which has spent an exorbitant amount of money on maintaining Bashar al-Assad’s power, is trying to preserve its influence in Syria.

With the downgrade of military operations in Syria, Beshar al-Assad’s allies, particularly Iran, have increasing concerns due to the vacillation and turbulence it feels regarding its status in Syria’s future. Having spent a recrementitious amount on maintaining al-Assad’s power, the Islamic Republic of Iran is struggling to preserve its influence in Syria. One of Iran’s strategies to ensure its presence in Syria’s future is to earnestly engage in rebuilding the country. However, in this Iran is facing severe encumbrances. On the one hand, Putin and al-Assad are preventing Iran from being effectively present in the process; on the other, Iran has proved unable to play a prominent and leading role in its reconstruction operations for copious reasons.

Syria, Reconstruction, Iran, Russia

Criticism Increases from the Russian Media against the Assad Regime

Mohammad Abdulmajid

Russian media attacks on Assad could be considered as an indication of the distrust of Moscow towards the regime. But these attacks do not mean that Putin would stop supporting Assad in the near future.