Iran-China-India Relations

Add Google Recency Date: 09.03.2018 Time: 14:00-16:00 Place: 100. Yıl Cultural Center, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Gazi University, Ankara
Participants Prof. Soyalp Tamçelik, Assistant Professor Mohsen Shariatinia, Dr. Ümit Alperen, Dr. Muhter Ahmet Bhat

An international panel will be held at Gazi University, in March 9th, Friday, at 2 pm, in cooperation with Gazi University and IRAM.

Moderator: Prof. Soyalp Tamçelik (Gazi University, Head of International Relations Department)

Invited Speakers

Asst Prof. Mohsen Shariatnia, Shahid Beheshti University, (The Evaluation of Iran-China Relations from an Iranian Perspective)

Dr. Ümit Alperen, Suleyman Demirel University, Lecturer, (The Reflections of Iran-China Relations to the Middle East)

Dr. Muhter Ahmed Bhat, Sakarya University, (The Evaluation of Iran-India Relations)