Nasirean Ethics Workshop

Add Google Recency Date: 29.05.2020 Time: 17:30-19:30 Place: Online
Participants Arash Khorashadi

Nasirean Ethics (اخلاق ناصری‎ Akhlāq-i Nāsirī) Workshop

In this 5-week workshop, Arash Khorashadi will focus on Nasir al-din Tusi’s Nasirean Ethics (اخلاق ناصری‎ Akhlāq-i Nāsirī), a seminal classic in the Medieval Practical Philosophy (Ethics, Household Management, and Politics). The spoken language of the workshop is English and the primary texts will be provided in Farsi, English, and Turkish. The first session will be held on 29.05.2020 (Friday, 17.30-19.30) and it will continue for five consecutive weeks (until 26.06.2020) on the same day and time.  You may register for this workshop from 19th to 26th of May through the link provided.

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