Stabilizing Pakistan-Gulf Relations in the post-Yemen Crisis Period

Pakistan continues to pursue India-centric foreign and security policies and observes each incremental step in GCC-India relations with serious concern.

Pakistan and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries have a close relationship initially built on religion and strategic ties but it has grown to include economic relations. However, amongst the GCC countries, Pakistan’s relations are more pronounced with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Currently, the relationship is premised on three main elements: politics, security, and economy. The economic relations encompass the Pakistani migrant community which constitutes a significant presence in the region. The military relationship includes training and security cooperation and the political relationship acts as an umbrella. Each of these elements presents their own unique set of challenges and opportunities for the future.


GCC, Iran, Migrants, China, India, Yemen

Saudi Investment in the East: Implications for Gwadar-Chabahar Rivalry

Ali Haider Saleem Arhama Siddiqa Muhammad Abbas Hassan

Notwithstanding their strong position against Iran, the US views Indian investment in Chabahar as a positive sign because it counters China.

Saudi-Israeli Nexus: Implications for Iran

Muhammad Abbas Hassan Arhama Siddiqa Asad Ullah Khan

Growing Saudi-Israeli ties and as a result better ties between the Gulf States and Tel Aviv indicate that Iran’s security buffer might be compromised.