Tehran Visits of Delegation of Center for Iranian Studies (IRAM)


A delegation of IRAM, consisting of the Director, Prof. Ahmet Uysal, the Coordinator of Foreign Policy, Dr. İsmail Sarı, and the Coordinator of Domestic Policy, Serhan Afacan, reached Iran on February 20, 2017, to visit certain research centers. Firstly, on February 21, the delegation visiting the Institute of Strategic Research in the Middle East (IMESS) discussed the current developments in the Iran-Turkey relations with the delegation under the leadership of the IMESS’s director Kayhan Barzegar. In the meeting that concentrated on the impacts of the ongoing crisis atmosphere in Syria and Iraq on the region, the sides exchanged opinions about regional and global dimensions of the problems. On February 22, the IRAM delegation attended a roundtable meeting, moderated by Ali Reza Bikdeli, former Ambassador of Iran in Ankara, as a discussant at the Institute for Political and International Studies (IPIS) within the body of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran. The sides handled bilateral relations multidimensionally at the meeting held in two sessions titled 'Issues in Iran-Turkey Relations: Real and Artificial Dimensions' and 'Media Barriers and Solutions in Turkey-Iran Relations'. Besides the IRAM delegation, Reza Ghelich Khan, Director of the Independent States Community (CIS) and the Caucasus Division, and the Deputy Director of Public Diplomacy, also within the body of the Foreign Ministry, Abdolreza Shaghaghi made presentations in the sessions.