The Terrorist Organization Behind the Curtain: The Madkhali Salafists

First employed by Saudi Arabia against the Al-Sahwa Movement and later expanded for further use, the Madkhali Salafists have become a military organization, as seen in Yemen and Libya.

Since the birth of Islam, Islamic movements and sects have had an impact on social and political developments as well as on religious life in Muslim societies. Although this impact is in both positive and sometimes negative ways, it constitutes an important place in the relations of religion and politics. As Islamic movements and sects play a constructive role in the security and stability of countries; on the contrary, they can appear as actors and triggers of social conflicts as well. For this reason, it requires a deeper research of thought codes and discourses of Islamic movements and sects, their relations with society and the state, and their in-depth effects on social life and politics.


Salafists, Madkhali Salafism, Saudi Arabia, Libya, the es-Sahve Movement, Yemen