Trilateral Cooperation among Turkey, Iran and Pakistan: an Iranian Perspective

The regional order in the Middle East and South Asia is greatly changing. These changes seriously influence the interests of these three countries and their role-playing.

This study focuses on determining the geopolitical and geo-economic contexts for trilateral cooperation between Iran, Pakistan, and Turkey. As regional neighboring powers, these three countries have cooperated with each other in recent decades in the framework of various mechanisms, especially the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO). The key question is what opportunities there are for their trilateral cooperation in the context of the changing international order.

To address this question, the present study is divided into two parts. The first one deals with cooperation contexts and capacities between the three countries in the geopolitical domain. The second part focuses on determining the contexts of geo-economic cooperation between them.

Trilateralism, Strategic Choices, South Asia, Middle East, Security

The SCO Policy toward Iran: When Yes means NO

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The 18th summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) in Qingdao ended with the organization refraining from giving a clear answer to Iran's request for full membership of SCO once again.

China and Iran after the U.S. Withdrawal from the JCPOA

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