İRAM İstanbul Book Presentation 10 Dr. Hélène Thibault

İRAM İstanbul Book Presentation 10   Dr. Hélène Thibault

A live-streamed book presentation titled: Transforming Tajikistan: State-building and Islam in Post-Soviet Central Asia with the participation of Dr. Hélène Thibault will be held on Saturday, 26 March 2022, at 13:00 (GMT +3). 

Tajikistan is a key state in Central Asia and will become crucial to the regional power balance as it transitions away from Soviet government systems and responds to the rise of Chinese financial power alongside the continuing presence of Russian military might and instability in neighboring Afghanistan. This book demonstrates how the Soviet atheist legacy continues to influence current state structures, the regulation of religion, the formation of national identities, and the understanding of the place of religion in society. Hélène Thibault focuses on the differences between secular nationhood in Tajikistan and the increasingly popular and influential Muslim identity. Featuring extensive and original primary-source material, including 12 months of ethnographic fieldwork, Thibault demonstrates the profound and lasting influence of Soviet power structures and attitudes and how secular and religious identities clash in a context of tightening authoritarianism.

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Event Date:   22/03/2022
Event Time:   13:00
Event End Date:   22/03/2022