The Energy Dimension of the Israel-Lebanon Maritime Border Deal

Kenan Aslanlı 25.10.2022

The Israel-Lebanon Maritime Border Deal has been a trigger that started the new phase of the dashing energy policies of the countries in the region.


The Political Dimension of the Israel-Lebanon Maritime Border Deal

Bilgehan Alagöz 22.10.2022

The supporters of the Israel-Lebanon Maritime Border Deal claim that the Deal will limit Iranian influence in the region. Nevertheless, Iran’s deep-rooted relationship with Hezbollah strengthens the possibility that the Deal will create opportunities for Iran.


Déjà Vu in Iran-EU Relations

Bilgehan Alagöz 12.10.2022

Although the Rushdie issue and the Mykonos assassinations created a crisis between Iran and Europe in the past, Europe has chosen diplomacy, and it has a similar tendency today to save the Nuclear Deal.


The Future of Protests in Iran

Mehmet Koç 11.10.2022

The establishment seems determined not to compromise its current policies while underlining that it will maintain this determination since the experience of the Shah regime's weakness cost the overthrow of the system.


Protests in Iran: Where is the Islamic Republic Heading?

Abdulmuksit Benikemal 06.10.2022

The current crisis is expected to leave a significant and long-term impact on the future trajectory of the theocratic republic.


Afghanistan's Badakhshan: New Security Threat for Tajikistan

Yasir Rashid 05.10.2022

Badakhshan, due to its mountainous and impassable nature, has a high potential for the gathering of groups that are considered a serious threat to Tajikistan and other countries in the region.