Implications of the New EU Trade Policy for Iran

Yasir Rashid 25.10.2021

Changes in the trade policies of major powers such as the EU will undoubtedly have multiple implications for various countries, including Iran.


Tishreen’s Interaction With Iraq’s Early Elections (2021)

Zeidon Alkinani 20.10.2021

Despite the different stances towards the electoral boycott, Iraq’s Tishreen (October) protest movement is what determines Iraq’s political future and not the early elections.


Challenges in Online Education in Iran

Yasir Rashid 18.10.2021

These challenges, including the provision of online education tools such as laptops, smartphones, Wi-Fi and the Internet, have made online education impossible in many remote areas in Iran.


Raisi and the Narrowing Regional Space of Iran

Hakkı Uygur 18.10.2021

Tehran's problems with the West, led by the USA and the absence of expected support from the East, has been caught unprepared for the recent regional developments.


Cooperation Between Iran and EU via INSTC

Yasir Rashid 11.10.2021

The ultimate aim of indirect Iranian-EU infrastructure cooperation in Armenia is to circumvent Turkey and Azerbaijan in geoeconomic transactions.


The Fourth Round in Iran-Saudi Arabia Talks

Arife Delibaş 09.10.2021

Long-time regional rivals Iran and Saudi Arabia are attempting to resolve issues and decrease regional tensions via discussion as a way of reaching an agreement in Iraq's mediation.


Iraq’s October Protest Movement: The Political Challenges and Electoral Limitations

Zeidon Alkinani, Dr. Haider Saeed, Dr. Ali Taher Al-Hammoud, Mrs. Inna Rudolf English


The Syrian Crisis and Iran’s Role

Dr. Bilgehan Alagöz, Prof. Mehdi Noorbakhsh, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hamidreza Azizi, Bassam Barabani English


Iran between US and China

Dr. Mohammadbagher Forough English


Water Resources Problems of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers

Deniz Caner, Professor Nadhir Al-Ansari. English