Raisi's Visit to Russia and the Criticism He Received

Aydın Güven 25.01.2022

Raisi considers the steps towards the East as a strategic achievement for the country's foreign policy, while opponents criticize Iran's potential dependency on Moscow and Beijing.


A Refreshing Dialogue Between Iran and Oman

Bilgehan Alagöz 14.01.2022

Abdollahian's visit to Oman shows that Iran attaches importance to cooperation with Oman in the on-going negotiations in Vienna and other regional issues and that Oman also approaches it positively.


Iraqi 5th Parliament Meets Fragmented Political Blocs

Zeidon Alkinani 12.01.2022

The re-appointment of Mohammed al-Halboosi as Iraq’s Speaker of Parliament reflects an early future of a consensus agreement between the Sadrists, Taqadum-Azam Sunni alliance, and the Kurdish alliance.


Iran After 2021

Hakkı Uygur 11.01.2022

At this point, the next period will be a process for the USA and certainly for Israel to stomach Iran as a nuclear and regional power.


The Iranian People Are Getting Poorer

Murat Aslan 31.12.2021

Income distribution and poverty indicators have severely worsened in the last three years, especially in the rural areas in Iran.


ITI Corridor and Its Importance for the Regional Trade

Yasir Rashid 27.12.2021

For Türkiye, in the framework of the “Asia Anew Initiative”, the ITI Corridor, bypassing the Suez Canal, provides safer and shorter access to the Indian Ocean and South Asian markets.


What Awaits Iran? The Future of Nuclear Negotiations

Bilgehan Alagoz, Przemyslaw Osiewicz, Hongda Fan, Andrey Chuprygin English


Iraq’s October Protest Movement: The Political Challenges and Electoral Limitations

Zeidon Alkinani, Dr. Haider Saeed, Dr. Ali Taher Al-Hammoud, Mrs. Inna Rudolf English


The Syrian Crisis and Iran’s Role

Dr. Bilgehan Alagöz, Prof. Mehdi Noorbakhsh, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hamidreza Azizi, Bassam Barabani English


Iran between US and China

Dr. Mohammadbagher Forough English